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A lot of projects and aspirations fail because the people running things are focused more on getting traffic rather than going for converting visitors to loyal customers. And a sure shot way of showing your customers that you care for them and in the process luring in new ones is to have a dedicated newsletter that takes care to inform your subscribers of your latest efforts and promotions. For those with a more technical viewpoint it helps to drive traffic to a targeted area. Also, it helps us at fitlark.com to increase our interaction with our visitors. Since we are committed to keep you updated we take regular efforts to update our newsletter and provide you with the latest that we have to offer.

By opting for eco-friendly packaging for all of our products and delivery orders we portray how committed we at fitlark.com are towards working towards a better future. Considering cost, material and more while delivering our products we decided to go with the best quality eco-friendly packaging since it provides both the customer and the environment with many benefits, which might be either obvious in most cases or some that most people might not even know about. With this kind of packaging we vow towards making a better environment. It is easily disposable, can be used in a versatile manner and its production involves no harmful plastics. Eco-friendly packaging is the way forward and we have vowed to commit to it.

No. There are no hidden charges in your purchase. Octroi charges and sales tax are borne and handled by fitlark.com. You only have to pay the final amount that you see in your order summary.

Cash on delivery is one of the various modes of payment available when you purchase a product at fitlark.com. With this method you don’t have to make any advance payment for your product. But rather you only pay for your product once it is delivered to you. Note that Cash on Delivery might not be available on all products depending upon your region/area/pin-code.

The ‘Estimated Delivery Time’ helps the customer determine how long it will take for them to receive their item. We specify how long it will take for your package to ship and deliver to your doorstep.
Processing of the order takes about 10-48 hours.
Delivery is attempted in  5-10 days.

The delivery process goes through the following steps.
1. Order is received with us at fitlark.com.
2. Order confirmation is sent by us and received by the customer.
3. Order is processed by us.
4. Order is packed.
5. Order is dispatched/shipped using suitable courier services.
6. Order is attempted to deliver at the delivery address.
7. Order is delivered.

You can reach us at any and every kind of social media platform namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ to name a few. Most importantly you can connect with us through our website https://fitlark.com/contact.

The order processing generally takes up to 4 days. And the delivery to your doorstep takes 5-10 days on average.

FAQ Bats

Shopping for cricket bat at fitlark.com is a pleasant experience because we provide you with the best quality and variety of products to choose from. Our products are spread across different categories namely Popular willows, Kashmir willows bats, Canadian willows bats, English Willows bats, Custom Bats, etc.

We provide four kinds of willows all over. In which the English willow is the expensive of all.

You can choose from over hundreds of products coming in from various levels of playing- Basic, Intermediate & Professional.
So to get the best shopping experience for sports, shop with us at  fitlark.com.

The bats are initially designed by our designers who spend extensive efforts in working on them. Then the size and appropriate willows and technique is selected to make them best.

To select the perfect size of the bat for all your needs you must take the following points in mind:
1. According to the height of the person.
2. Our posters come in various sizes. Size- 3 to Size- 7(full size). Additionally, bat comes with one more size which is known as SH(Short Handle).
3. Select according to the age of the person.
4. Easy assistance options are available on the site as well.

The lowest form of willow, usually used for tennis balls and bats used for absolute begginers.

Kashmir willow bats are not as popular as While willow cricket bats but some of them are of international standards and have been used by many international players. These bats are heavier than the White willow bats because the Kashmir willow which is used as a raw material is heavy. This makes it difficult to handle these bats. These bats are useful if you are a beginner or playing with softer balls.

English willow are the finest woods that can be used to make cricket bats. They are of the best quality and give you perfect result. White willow bats are actually the best for experienced players. They have the best grain quality and structure. Grain means the lines that are visible on the face of the bats and represents the age of the willow of which the bat has been made. Higher the number of grains, higher the age of the willow and better is the performance.

English willows are best if you are an experienced player and play with hard balls.

The bats are packed in a regular recyclable corrugated box and special care is taken to protect them from any damages.

FAQ My Orders and My Account

To place your order, follow these steps :

Browse through our wide catalog of products until you find something you like, choose the relevant size (if you are not sure of the size, refer the size info to find the correct size) and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button (you are eligible to add multiple products on your cart).

‘In My cart’, you can either choose to continue shopping or confirm the order.

To shop with us, you can either log into your own clique account or simply continue as a guest user.

Once the cart is all set, proceed to checkout, submit your shipping address, select the desired payment process and confirm your order.

Your order is sent to you via reliable courier services, whether prepaid or COD and will be delivered to you within 5-10 days.

A confirmation SMS and email will be sent to you to your registered mobile number and Email address. (Check Email and SMS both as sometimes SMS can be delayed).

You can track your order using the confirmation ID that you receive in the confirmation mail and using the ‘Track My Order’ option on the website and your issue will be addressed.

You can cancel your order by by logging into your account and COD orders can be directly cancelled.
If the order was prepaid then you can cancel it through mail and your amount  will be refunded to your Payumoney /Paytm Account.

If shipped, then you will have to return the order altogether and also some of the amount will be deducted from the final refund.

Payment modes available at fitlark.com include Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, Debit Card, Payumoney and Mobikwik.

COD is a premium service that is provided by the shipping company. But in certain areas/pin codes this facility is not always available. So different measures need to be taken.

Our website uses Payumoney and Paytm transaction gateway and all transactions are processed through a secured encrypted connection.

No there are no hidden charges. All octroi and taxes are borne by fitlark.com.You only need to pay the final amount that you see in your order summary.

In case of payment failure please ensure that you have the following things at hand after registering your complaint.

That you have your account details with you.
Billing address, password and internet connection.
See that the internet connection is not disrupted during the time of payment.

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