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Hey Guys! Today’s task to motivate you all to live a healthy life. ‘Health’ and ‘Hygiene’, such motivational and aspirational words, to encourage us to exercise and stay fit. But, do we really get that long term inspiration unless we are very much aware of the reasons to stay healthy. On the very first day, we are all set to hit the roads with an hour long jogging but eventually as the days pass you just end up gobbling steak burgers after maintaining a so called long diet. So, here are quick five reasons why you need and want to stay fit. Jot them down and stick this list on your fridge or whatever it takes to keep you motivated to carry on a healthy lifestyle.

1) Live longer

Who does not want to live longer and on top that if your fit then that’s cherry on the cake. Studies have shown that people living a healthy lifestyle live longer than those who do not. In a new study published in New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that changing your diet into a healthy one for many years makes much of a difference. The more healthy your food and lifestyle is, better are your chances of living longer.

2) More Energy

To quote- ‘Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have’. Consuming too much leads to obesity, fatigue and lowers yours stamina and energy as well.  But, if you remain healthy, you fell energetic 24×7. Work out triggers the release of feel good endorphins that boost up and maintain your energy levels. Cut down on caffeine as it gives you ‘false’ energy essentially, because it’s a stimulant. Taking a daily multivitamin will ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals you need, but taking extra amounts of individual nutrients won’t give you more energy.

3) Physically Fit and Attractive

Healthy living improves the appearance of your skin and gives you that certain glow that makes you look wonderful. Consuming lots of fruits and veggies increases perceived attraction. Researchers from the University of St. Andrews found that eating only two additional portions of fruits and veggies were enough to create a noticeable change in the skin’s colour within six weeks. You can now wear all your favourite skinny and fitting apparels leaving out those saggy ones. You can now show off your curves and beauty and take pride in it.

4) Confidence

Just acknowledge that.feel after completing that long run? You perspire and are extremely exhausted yet you feel so darn good about it.And this feeling carries over and the way you present yourself. The idea that food can affect our mood and behaviour isn’t new and researchers have found some fascinating links between what we eat and mental health. Having positive self-esteem and feeling confident in yourself isn’t always easy. There are various factors that affect the way we feel about ourselves. The best forms of exercise for improving confidence and self-esteem are usually aerobic exercise such as running and swimming. You’ll immediately see what difference it makes when you come back from a long run.

5) Avoid Diseases/Illness

Eating healthy and fresh and staying fit keeps your immune system stronger and prevents you from acquiring any diseases and illness. Healthy lifestyle helps ward off high blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart diseases etc. Investing in a healthy lifestyle can help bolster your immune system, your body’s defence against foreign pathogens like bacteria and fungi that cause illness.

So, that’s done. Hope you all liked this article and will,from now on,carry on a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you, everyone. Love.


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