Run And Stay Fit

Hey Guys! Back again with another enticing topic for you all to stay fit. It is said that exercise is a natural medicine, well, that is a universal fact. Say, what you may, but, prevention is better than cure. So, it is better to stay healthy rather than consuming medicines to stay the same. Running certainly does have several heath benefits. Studies show that running can help prevent obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc. Furthermore, it greatly impacts our everyday life that is emotionally and mentally as well. Listed below are some of the ways to improve your health by running.

1) It helps you stay fit

Exercise burns calories while you are working out. But, the complimentary part is that calories still continue to burn even when you have stopped exercising. It is proved that if you exercise on a regular basis then it helps boosts you ‘afterburn’ that is number of calories you burn after exercise. This would happen only if you exercise and run at a pace that is little faster than your comfort pace and a little slower than marathon pace. Running raises your core body temperature and prompts your body to start shedding its layer of fat. Running everyday will get you slimmer over time.

2) It strengthens your joints

It is known that running increases bone mass and helps stem age related bone loss. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis that chiefly targets older individuals. It is basically caused when the cartilage, on the ends of your bones, that protects the knee wears down over time and age. It is caused due to obesity and also thought to be the side effect of running. But, a study shows that (to quote) “running is unlikely to contribute to the development of arthritis, precisely and paradoxically because it involves so much running.” Thus, running helps improve knee health, according to Boston University Researcher, David Felson.

3) Reduces risk of Cancer

It does not completely cure it but it helps in preventing it. To quote, ‘ A vast review of 170 epidemiological studies in the Journal of Nutrition showed that regular exercise is associated with a lower risk of certain cancers.’ To quote, ‘The researchers studied 1.44 million participants over an average of 11 years. They discovered that people who engaged in the highest levels of physical activity were 7 percent less likely to develop any kind of cancer than those who exercised the least.’ You can ward off certain cancers with exercise like  endometrial cancer, etc.

4) It helps you keep sharper even as you age
Studies have shown that exercise helps in overcoming age related mental diseases, particularly, selective attention, etc. It is also shown that older people that exercise regularly and maintain a healthy living  scored better in mental tests than their fellow beings. Basically, the point is running improves attention, concentration, planning and organising. To quote, ‘One of the first studies to find that exercise improves brain performance was a 1986 investigation of 30 women at Purdue University. This suggested, for the first time in a laboratory setting, that exercise improves high-level cognitive function. The women in the study weren’t simply more alert; they were, in effect, better thinkers.’
5) Makes you happier
No matter how good or bad you feel at a time, running would make you make you feel better. In a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, researchers found that if you exercise daily for 30 minutes on a treadmill, it could constantly lift your mood. Running helps to cope up with anxiety and stress. It boosts  up your sleep quality, mood and concentration for the entire day.
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