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Sports can be a great way to stay fit and healthy. Playing sports and adding it to your monotonous routine can make you healthier and happier because of the physical activity involved. It developes our muscles, contributes to coordination, prevents heart related diseases, etc. Most importantly, it helps kids develop healthy bones and stronger muscles and cognitive skills.

Among women, it helps prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis and hip fracture, etc. Aged individuals who play sports feel independent and can socialise better with people in a more healthy manner.

Playing sports can help us stay fot. It helps in weight loss and fat reduction. Children do not become obese if they play sports and are brisk. It is also related to strengthening immunity of kids.

Sports not only impacts our body but also our mind. It contributes to mental fitness that is through curing depression, building conscience and self esteem, etc. Kids who play sports might feel a positive change in their life as sports can help children concentrate better, be diligent. It helps in inculcating leadership qualities, etc. It reduces stress as well.

Certain sports are related with particular advantages and benefits. To quote,

‘Bowling helps achieve greater bone density.

Fencing might help ward off cognitive decline.

Volleyball increases hand eye coordination and flexibility.’

So, guys, done for today. I hope this article of mine regarding how sports can have positive repercussions on our health, might really be helpful.

Thank you. Love.


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